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CandleSmith’s great selection of Colors and Fragrances

CandleSmith’s hand-poured candles are made of the highest quality soy, paraffins and beeswax, blended for long-lasting durability and translucence.

Our scents contain essential oils and are formulated using high percentages of quality fragrances.

Why not see for yourself? The difference in craftsmanship will surprise you.

CandleSmith Color Selection *   **

This selection is primarily for our pillars. Color availability for all our other specialty candles are noted on their individual pages.

*because we make each candle individually, hues may vary between orders.  If you must have a specific color, the best way is to send us a physical swatch so we can match as closely as possible.

**please be aware that the color you see on your screen may differ slightly from the actual color as every PC and phone screen color/quality differs.

CandleSmith Pillar Colors

CandleSmith Fragrance Selection

Asian Amber Key Lime Pie Pine
Basil Sage Mint Lavender Plumeria
Bayberry Lemongrass Rain
Chocolate Lily of the Valley Rose
Cinnamon Stick Lime Rosemary Mint
Clove Madagascar Spice Spiced Apple
Coconut Magnolia Spiced Cranberry
Cotton Mango Spiced Pear
Espresso Nag Champa Spiced Pumpkin
Eucalyptus Ocean Mist Vanilla Bean
Gardenia Orange Blossom Wisteria
Honeysuckle Patchouli Ylang Ylang
Jasmine Pina Colada

* * *

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