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SolMate Socks!

“Life is too short for matching socks”  …. That’s the motto of SolMate Socks!

We carry a variety of colors and sizes, from 6 months up to adult Large.  Adult sizes come in pairs, while children’s sizes come in threes (in case the sock monster eats one 😉 ).  Baby sizes come in a

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Cinnamon Stick Candles

Winter is a perfect time to burn our Cinnamon Stick Candles to bring that sweet cozy smell into your home.  Our Cinnamon Stick Candles start out as a pillar core, scented with cinnamon (or any other scent of your choosing, most commonly vanilla).  We then envelope the core with real cinnamon sticks and wax.

When you

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Southern Lights loves Fall

Our Signature Fall Candles is our popular Cinnamon stick pillar.Refillable, scented, long lasting….perfect Fall gift.

Bayberry Season

Summer at the beach

Love going to the beach and collecting shells to add to my Shell Candles. They core out and are refillable with votives or tea

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