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Hand-Dipped Real Bayberry Tapers, Pillars and Votives

“A Bayberry candle burned to the socket
brings health to the home
and wealth to the pocket.”

Proud to Carry On the Tradition

CandleSmith’s Bayberry Pillars are made of a bayberry/beeswax blend or a bayberry/soy blend and have lead-free wicks.

Bayberry wax is a pale green, brittle wax boiled from plants that the early settlers found in New England. Bayberry was a welcomed treat from the animal tallow candles of everyday and bayberry candles became a holiday tradition, often given as gifts.

Add beeswax and soy, and you have a candle that is good for you and good for the planet.

Traditional Bayberry Taper Candles

**Our Bayberry Tapers are discontinued for the season …. we will begin taking orders for the Tapers again in October 2016. 

CandleSmith's Bayberry Taper

  • true to tradition, we hand dip real bayberry wax candles
  • great for Holiday gifts!
  • see our Corporate Gifts page for additional Bayberry Gift ideas
  • 8-inch tapers
  • $15.95 per pair
QUANTITY SHIPPING 😥 Tapers not available until October 2016
1-5 Pairs $6.00

6-10 Pairs $10.00

11 to 20 Pairs $15.00

21 or more Pairs $18.00

Bayberry Pillar Candles

CandleSmith's Hand-poured REAL Bayberry Pillars

  • real hand-poured bayberry pillars
  • available in:
    • Small 3″ x 4″ = $14.95 each
    • Medium 3″ x 6″ = $17.95 each
    • Large 3″ x 8″ = $21.95 each
    • Order by PayPal now:

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    Bayberry Votive Candles

    CandleSmith's Hand-poured REAL Bayberry Votive Candles

    • real bayberry votives
    • 15-hour burn time
    • minimum order: box of 6
    • Box of 6 – $18.00
    • Box of 18 – $45.00
    • Order by PayPal now:

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    Bayberry Beeswax Blend Candle

    CandleSmith's Unique Bayberry Beeswax Blend Candles

    • new blend of bayberry and beeswax
    • burns longer and cleaner than a paraffin-based candle
    • available in:
      • Small 2″ x 6″ = $16.95 each
      • Large 2 3/4″ x 8″ = $21.95 each
    • Order by PayPal now:

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